Hey there, if you’re looking for a dating guru and online dating expert who has tried numerous sites and apps, then look no further! In recent years the number of dating sites and apps have grown exponentially. It seems like everywhere you turn these days someone is talking about some new matchmaking service or app they just discovered. And it’s not just your typical run-of-the mill stuff either; there are now tons of niche services out there too – gay/lesbian specific ones, Asian only ones…you name it!

But with so many options available how do you know which one to choose? That’s where I come in: after trying all sorts of different platforms (and having my fair share of successes as well as failures) I think I can safely say that when it comes to navigating the world wide web for love -I’m your gal. Whether its finding “the one" on Tinder or getting ghosted by Bumble – nothing phases me anymore because let’s face it: this whole digital romance thing isn’t always easy peasy lemon squeezy but hey don’t worry we’ll get through this together 😉

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Find Love With These Top 15 Dating Sites and Apps

Our Evaluation Process

When it comes to reviewing dating sites and apps, we take our job seriously. We start by testing both free and paid versions of the site or app, using multiple accounts for a thorough review. Next up is sending messages – on average we send around 100 messages over 5 days while getting familiar with how messaging works on each platform. After that’s done, we look into features like profile creation process (how easy/hard it is), search filters available etc., as well as customer service options if needed. We also make sure to check out safety measures in place such as two-factor authentication and other security protocols used by the site or app before recommending them to our readership base – something many other review sites don’t do! So you can rest assured that when you read one of our reviews about any given dating website or app, they are comprehensive enough so you can make an informed decision about whether this particular platform suits your needs best or not!


1. What are the best dating sites for transgender people?

I’ve tried a few different dating sites and apps for transgender people, and my top picks are OkCupid, Match.com, Zoosk and Elite Singles. They all have great features that make it easy to find like-minded singles in your area – plus they’re free to try!

2. What are the best dating sites for Christians?

I’ve tried a few different dating sites and apps for Christians, and I’d say the best ones are Christian Mingle, eharmony, and Match.com. They all have good user bases with plenty of potential matches to choose from so you’re sure to find someone who’s compatible with your values!

3. How to talk to girls on dating apps?

Be yourself, be confident and keep the conversation light. Ask questions about her interests to get to know her better and show that you’re interested in getting to know more than just what she looks like. Make sure your messages are fun, engaging and not too long – nobody likes a rambler!

4. What are the best dating apps for Catholics?

I’ve tried a few dating apps for Catholics and my favorite is Catholic Singles. It’s easy to use, has great features like private messaging, and the user base seems really active. I also had good luck with Ave Maria Singles – it offers lots of helpful search filters so you can find someone who matches your values quickly!